Curated Buy-Side And Sell-Side Deal Pipeline

Are You Tired Of Wasting Time Connecting To People On Linkedin Who Are Not What They Seem To Be?

Are You Trying To Raise Capital For Your Existing Business Or Looking For Businesses To Invest In?  If Your Answer Is “Yes” To Either Or Both Of These Questions We’ve Got The Solution…

I’ve been on the buy-side and sell-side in Capital Markets.

I see a need for a Linked-in group where someone (that would be me) sources or collects bankable deals from Principals, conducts (desktop) due diligence on the Team and product, and ensures the Team wishing to raise capital has created a complete document set – e.g. a) Pitch Deck, b) Executive Summary, c) Financial Projections, d) Product Demo.

I’ll post a list of Weekly (Curated And Updated) Deal Summaries on Monday every week.

If anyone is interested in gaining access to the full data room, they will need to send me an email request and I will respond by sending them an NDA (electronic) and upon receiving confirmation that it has been signed, I’ll connect that person directly with the Principal/Decision Maker of the Team in fundraising mode.

Therefore, if you are either looking to raise capital or looking for more deal flow to invest in, you are welcome to join my Linked-in Group here.


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