Weekly CEO Strategy Sessions

A Stanford University survey on executive coaching showed that nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive any coaching or leadership advice from the outside (e.g. from mentors, coaches or consultants). Yet the CEOs would welcome the help. The survey shows that nearly 100% would welcome outside advice and coaching — especially on issues such as sharing, leadership delegation, and conflict management — the major developmental areas of concern for CEOs.

During a Fundraising phase of a Startup, a CEO’s attention is depleted and his or her workload doubles.

For those Founders or CEO’s that don’t feel they need to have access to a specialist Fundraising CFO on a part-time basis, they can avail themselves of the expertise of James Spurway once a week in blocks of one hour, based on a minimum block of 12 hours. These calls can be focused on Fundraising or general operational topics as directed by the Founder or CEO.

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