Utilizing paper mills as the worlds largest, lowest cost nano-factories

Folio Paper is the owner of patented, groundbreaking processes and their first product has the potential to allow hundreds of millions of people in underdeveloped countries access uncontaminated drinking water.

$1,015,000 is about to come into Folia:

  • $165k: year 2 manufacturing development project funding from Tyson
  • $100k: Folia is shortlisted for an EPA SBIR Phase 1 grant
  • $750k: Folia is moving to financial review for an NSF SBIR Phase 2 grant

Folia urgently needs $100k in new capital by next Friday, 2/7 to get this $750k government grant. Our NSF program officer has told us that the only thing between Folia and the $750k Phase 2 grant is improving our financial position before their financial review. This is free Small Business Innovation Research grant money from the United States government National Science Foundation to cover product improvement research and development, “America’s Seed Capital”.

$3M pipeline for 2020: $700k revenue, $2.25M grants, commercial launch, and 4 product lines

2019: $700k. A year ago we brought in $700k in revenue and grants: $400k from Unilever, $65k from Tyson, and a $225k NSF SBIR Phase 1 grant.

2020: $3M. This year our sales pipeline includes $700k in revenue from 5 corporates and $2.25M in grants, for a total of about $3M. Details are below my signature.

  • Folia Water Commercial expansion across Bangladesh with Social Marketing Company (SMC). Unilever Nepal sales pilot proposal.
  • Folia Food Packaging Tyson Foods project in 2020 targeting a Q3 2021 commercial launch.
  • Folia Pools Pool chemical ingredient inside RecH2O’s product. Pilot in 2020 in a $250M pool supply chain, 2021 commercial launch.
  • Folia Buildings Several uses cases are in joint development with $1B/yr building hot water company Watts Water Technologies including legionella control in hospital water. Commercialization starting in 2021.

2021: Commercial launch of 4 products through corporate clients.

Sales pipeline.png

Raise update
Our $750k Seed round is going well: $250k is in, including round lead FHI Ventures. Convertible note terms are: $6M valuation cap, 20% discount, and 5% interest. Folia Materials only has 5 full time and 2 part-time staff, so the raise is to hire enterprise sales-support staff.

Given our enterprise sales progress, we’re looking for materials, cleantech, and consumer Seed VCs to write larger $250k+ checks. However, because of the NSF capital requirement, we need to get $100k in Folia’s bank account by next week so we’re opening up the round to smaller checks for the next 1.5 weeks. If you’re interested or know anyone interested please contact me ASAP to set up a phone call.

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