The Team Leaders of Indochina Consulting Ltd. Asia


James Spurway


His wheelhouse is the Sales and Marketing and Finance functions.  He’s an active Mentor at a FinTech Startup Accelerator in Singapore and, in the past, has regularly been an Adjunct Lecturer on Sales and Marketing and Finance Subjects at Singapore-based Colleges.  He is known as “The Fundraising Angel” by many Startup Teams he mentored and helped raise pre-Seed and Seed funding.  James has a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks and is an avid practitioner of the “learning by doing” method of gaining real-world experience. James is originally from Queensland, Australia, and has lived and worked in the USA, Europe and several countries in Asia during his working career.


Dominic Nicholas

Dominic Nicholas adds a wealth of International Cross-Border transactional experience to Indochina’s Team and is based in the UK. He created a unique contractual framework amongst the most influential players and industries, allowing central management while allowing separately identifiable asset management, investment, finance, M & A, restructuring, technologies, management, and governance in each entity, covering almost all industries.
He has been one of the significant advisors, assisting various governmental and semi-governmental organisations and banks, and sat on many Committees negotiating, buying, selling, acquisitions, and many industrial transactions, across many industries, including oil, gas, petrochemical, manufacturing industries, and enjoys higher-level relationships.
He introduced working standards of corporate governance, internal bank rating issues, successfully introduced international rating consultants, project, trade financing, providing professional services in insolvencies, M & A strategies, restructuring, valuations, financing, new product developments, overseas expansion issues and project models for banks, investment, insurance and larger organisations.
He taught at five universities, four banks, and various ministries, including the MBA course of Harriott Watt and Carlton. Taught 6/7 modules of chartered accountancy (4 students qualified without ever studying in the UK), trained managers and professionals at banks, and larger organisations, including oil, gas, petrochemical and larger industries.

Galeh Pezeshkian

Galeh Pezeshkian is a highly talented business builder whose specialist skills include Energy Products Sourcing, Contracting, Logistics, Marketing and Trading.
Galeh has recently created several independent and joint venture companies and is based in Belgium.
He believes in responding to market needs rather than trying to shape them. Our ability to do so rests on the strength of the partnerships we build and the passionate interest each of our traders takes in their expertise.
Our cultural diversity, and the many connections between our local trading hubs and the markets they serve, provide a vast resource of detailed information which we integrate into a global picture of shifting trends.
We handle every element involved in the sourcing and trading crude oil, petroleum products, renewable energies, metals, metal ores, coal, and concentrates for industrial consumers.
His team has a long-term, integrated, committed approach to trade and portfolio management across the value chain and products. We focus on creating innovative products and solutions built around a broader range of commodities, enabling our clients to meet their objectives. Private ownership enables us to make rapid decisions and take long-term views on new markets and opportunities. Supporting our customers and suppliers often means providing services beyond our core business of sourcing and supplying commodities; increasingly, we are offering logistical transport, finance, and other types of risk management.

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