Asset Monetization Advisory

Are You Missing Out on Income From Value Locked up in Illiquid Assets?

More Than 50% of Wealthy People’s Money is in Illiquid Assets, and Most Advisers Overlook or Ignore That, but not us. If This is You, We Have the Solution…

We offer a comprehensive solution to everyone who is interested in monetising their illiquid asset/s. It involves:

  • An audit of the asset in question – e.g. every fact that is needed to make an assessment as to whether we believe we have a potential party that might be interested at the right price
  • A report with recommendations about potential strategies that we could deploy once an interested party is identified
  • Where required – introductions to potential parties within our existing network, implementation of a local, regional, national or global search for potential parties, identification of the most efficient structure to be created for the transaction, taking the lead in negotiations etc.

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