Digital Securities Offerings (DSO’s) and Private Placement Fundraising

Digital securities (sometimes referred to as security tokens) are digital assets that are compliant with federal securities laws and run on the blockchain.

Digital securities offerings, or DSOs, are a compliant alternative to ICOs—and they’ve recently been gaining momentum in the USA.

DSOs can be run using securities exemptions like Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF and Reg S. Currently, the most common exemption being used is Reg D 506(c), which allows DSO issuers to generally solicit or market their deal and raise an unlimited amount of capital–but restricts investment to verified accredited investors.

The beauty of a DSO is that any company can run one: a startup, an enterprise, a blockchain company, or a non-blockchain company. Like ICOs, DSOs promise near-term liquidity, with several regulated trading platforms like OpenFinance Network, tZERO, and Templum either live or in development.

We work with a Regulated STO Platform in an Asian Offshore Jurisdiction, and offer a comprehensive solution to everyone who is interested in raising funds the traditional way, and can now add digital fundraising capabilities to our offering. It involves:

  • An audit of the individual’s funding rounds (if any) and existing angel and venture capital foundation investors
  • A cost-benefit analysis using different paths to raise the desired amount
  • A report with recommendations – which in some cases might run counter to the initial assessment/request – about potential strategies that fit your mission/organisation/industry at this point in time
  • Offer to be engaged to undertake the fundraising project in its entirety – or where appropriate – introductions to established players in this space who have a track record, for an agreed success fee should the introduced parties secure the funds needed.

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