Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Advisory and Pre-Sale Alert

Are You Thinking About Using An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) To Raise Funds?

Are You Sure Your ICO Advisor Adds Value?  If your answer is “Yes” and “No or Not Sure” we’ve got the Solution…

I head a small team of Fintech and in particular, Blockchain Evangelists, whose combined global network comprises some of the “who’s who” in this space.

Before you appoint ICO Advisors, contact me. For a modest fee, we can assist you to find suitable candidates, or help you vet your existing shortlisted ones.

The additional benefit that we offer – we can also reach out to our network of institutional investors.  That will shorten your fundraising timeframe and provide you with industry credibility, and also allow you to raise more funds quickly when you need to invest in more development or add to your headcount.


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