Marketing Media and Messaging Impact and Effectiveness Check

Marketing, Media and Messaging Effectiveness Check

Using all available internal and public information made available to us, we will:

1. Review your existing campaign’s strategy and objectives (if you have started marketing)

2. Overview of the campaign’s creative approach

3. Break down results by channel

4. Review Social Media Metrics compared to Industry Benchmarks

5. Review Search Metrics compared to Industry Benchmarks

6. Review Website Metrics compared to Industry Benchmarks

7. Provide Key Takeouts/aways

8. Provide Recommendations for Next Steps

This process involves an initial call with James Spurway to ensure that the inputs and output are clearly defined and agreed upon, followed by a 2-3 day research phase, report writing phase, and finally, a debriefing call with James Spurway to focus on the main points in the report and recommendations on how they can be addressed.

We should charge at least US$5,000.00 for this service, that will save you being rejected by investors without ever knowing why!

During this COVID crisis we will offer this service at a 20% discount, i.e. we will forgo our profit and cover our cost only, by pricing this entry level service at US$3,998.00 🤝👌

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