Business Model Review

Business Model Review (In-Fragility check)

Over the decades we’ve learned that the five biggest problems that business owners face, whether they realise it or not, usually are:
1. Lack of Clarity
2. Lack of Structure
3. Lack of Visibility
4. Lack of Community
5. Lack of Influence

We also know that Founders and Business Owners are not God, despite trying, they can’t be good at everything, nor should they be trying to do too much. That’s a guarantee of failure.

Whether this is your first startup or your 10th, you may not be aware of your “blind spots”.

We use a tried and true format endorsed and used by major Business Schools, Corporates, Startup Accelerators and Leading VC’s.

James Spurway holds a one-on-one meeting with you, the decision maker, and one or two of your Co-Founders or C-Level Team to gather insights and then after you’ve established a secure offline data/digital vault, our team of analysts will spend one to two days conducting research and compiling a short report.

James Spurway will then hold a debriefing meeting with the CEO and Team to inform them of our findings and recommendations.

A full-blown Business Model Analysis can take weeks and cost tens of thousands, if you hire an external consulting company.

Our approach is to look for evidence of market-product fit, digital ready and hence displaying the characteristics of an “Anti-Fragility” business model.

Our time alone is worth US$5,000.  However, during these COVID times we want to help as many businesses as possible, so for now, and until we signs of an economic recovery being under way, we’re offering this service to you at US$979.00

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