Coffee And A Chat With James

Coffee And A Chat With James Spurway

Having good (FREE) advisors is important, but as you may have experienced by now (and I’ve been an Advisor to a lot of Startups), most Advisors are in fact Advising a lot of Startups. They don’t always have a lot of focussed time to give you input. The benefit of using someone like me who you don’t know, is that I will give you a ton of high value input, yet not be pushing you to go in a particular direction, as I don’t have any financial interest in the outcome. You alone get to decide what information you act upon, if any.


I’ve started up 9 companies. That means I’ve had to convince a lot of individual investors, angel investors, VC’s etc., to invest in my businesses. I’ve also mentored a bunch of FinTech Teams and I’m an Angel investor in a bunch more.


Fortunately for you, I have a lot of hands on experience as CEO, CMO and CFO. And I’ve got a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks!  If there had been a “book of mistakes” that Founders make, my entries would have made up a completely new chapter!


And I wasn’t content to stay in my lane (whatever people think that’s supposed to mean).  It was mainly my money at risk so I started up companies across a range of sectors such as Hospitality and Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment, Residential Real Estate, Renewable Energy, CleanTech, FinTech, InsureTech, CreditTech and more.


However, one of the vices that I admit to having is that I LOVE my COFFEE!


That’s good news for you.  If you’d like to have a coffee (hour) once a month (in person or virtual as the case may be), I’m yours for the price of a monthly subscription @US$97.00! 


And I’ll even shell out for the coffee – or if it’s virtual – we’ll make it BYO and I’ll owe you a real one when we get the chance to meet in person!


I charge US$250.00 an hour if it’s just work, so you’re getting a steal, all because coffee is my “go-yo-and-bro” juice…


We can discuss any of your Strategy, MVP, Sales, Marketing, Distribution, HR, Financing and Fundraising questions, so you can get an impartial outsider’s perspective.

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