How to Choose the Right Investor for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs have a variety of options when it comes to securing funding for a new project.

In many ways, this is a good thing. The catch, though, is that each funding option is drastically different from the next, bearing its own cadre of advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, deciding which funding route makes the most sense for you and your startup will vary depending on your circumstances—what your short term and long-term goals are, how much money you need, etc. And if you choose the wrong route, it can condemn your venture before it really even has a chance to get off the ground.

That’s why it pays to differentiate between these disparate strategies and their various components with scientific care.

That process starts with educating yourself around the characteristics of each lane. 

Our Team, led by James Spurway “The Fundraising Angel”, holds online discussions, and when possible, offline meetings with your Founders and/or the company’s CEO to identify the parameters of the fundraising strategy.  Once we are in agreement on the reasons for going to the market to raise more capital, we work with your team to assure you have all the required documentation ready, including our Pitch Deck, Financial Model, Investment Agreement, Audited Financial Statements (where applicable) etc.

We then draw up a list of investors we will approach, and compare/synthesise the entities on our list with ones you have already contacted.

We make contact with CEO/CIO level decision-makers as well as connecting by telephone with investment analysts or Junior Partners.

We follow up and answer any questions and in the ideal scenario, they ask to have a call/meeting with the Founder Team.

You can decide between two ways to remunerate us for the expertise and investor network we bring to the table. If you prefer us to work on same basis as you and take the same risk, in which case we request 5% equity in your company subject to our having raised 100% of the required capital.

Alternatively, we would receive a cash payment equal to 5% of the funds raised, once you receive funds into your nominated bank account.

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