Pitch Deck Investor Ready Check

Pitch deck tuneup

I’ve started up 9 companies. That means I’ve had to convince a lot of individual investors, angel investors, VC’s etc., to invest in my businesses. I’ve also mentored a bunch more FinTech’s. I know what investors want to see in a deck, and what will turn them off.

Other companies charge up to US$1,000.00 to give you written feedback with suggested changes.

Our commitment to you is to run your deck through my proprietary AI programme, after which you will receive a report that contains comments and a score out of 100%, which indicates whether your deck conforms to the content and form that Angel and VC Investors expect to receive.

You’ll then receive a template of a deck that was recently used successfully to raise funds.

We should charge at least US$500.00 for this service, that will save you being rejected by investors without ever knowing why!

During this COVID crisis we will offer this service at a 50% discount, i.e. we will forgo our profit and cover our cost only, by pricing this entry level service at US$249.00 🤝👌

If you are an action taker and want to get a head start on your competition we also offer a range of “done for you – or DFY” products as follows: a) Pitch Deck Creation – writing and designing your winning Pitch Deck, b) Fractional CFO – retaining James Spurway as an extra pair of capable hands on a part-time basis during the Fundraising Campaign, or c) Fund Raising – retaining Indochina Consulting Pte Ltd and James Spurway to run your Fund Raising Campaign for which a 5% success fee on all funds raised is payable after you receive those funds.

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