Trade Finance Advisory

Is Your Business Dying a Slow Death From a Lack of Trade Finance Facilities?

Would You “Fire the Bank Manager” if You Had The Choice? If so we have the Solution…

We offer a comprehensive solution to all SMB’s/SME’s who need access to working capital to complete and ship their orders. It involves:

  • An audit of your existing receivables book to establish the quality and the average age
  • An audit of existing and historical Bank relationships
  • An exploration of alternative forms of fund raising that might be feasible, including a discussion with the buyer about providing an advance payment for a portion of the purchase price
  • A report with recommendations for the Founder and/or Board
  • Where required – introductions to Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Officers, Forfeiting Companies etc., that are open to discussing various forms of trade finance, trade credit or working capital supply.


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