Weekly Deal Summaries For Deals That Have Been Curated (i.e. Due Diligence Has Been Conducted And A Complete Investor Ready Pack Is Available)…

Asia Pacific

#1 – Private Off-Market Sale of Shares in Well Known Fund Managed by Established Team [exclusive to our group]…

A private investor who invested into a close ended fund needs liquidity and wants to exit 100% of his existing investment.

By Law, the Fund Management will need to start liquidating the assets of the fund within the coming 6-12 months as the Fund is wound down.

The investor’s shares are worth a total of USD 5.3 million at current NAV valuation.

He is invested in the Fund, in addition to which he made some investments directly into two of the target companies that the Fund owns – specifically one company that runs a Darjeeling Tea plantation and another that grows Rice in Tanzania.

He is willing to sell all shares that he owns, in the fund and in the individual companies.

He is willing to sell at a discount to the current NAV – possibly as much as 20-30 % – provided the potential buyer is genuine and holding sufficient cash to close the deal.

The CEO of the Asset Manager has confirmed that the investor is free to make a third party sale at any price he agrees.


We would welcome deal flow.

Middle East

We would welcome deal flow.


#1 – European Union Compliant Tax Department Approved and Audited Company Tax Credits – EUR 500,000 up to EUR 53,000,000 –  Available via a Private Off-Market Sale [exclusive to  our company]…

Austrian Limited Company and Austrian Sole Proprietor (both in business for several decades) have audited and approved Tax Credits/Carried Forward Losses (EUR 500,000 + EUR 2,500,000 + EUR 53,000,000) available for cash flow positive trading or investment businesses. These could be accessed via a Joint Venture, Share Purchase or Convertible Debenture.

#2 – Hungary – Hottest Real Estate Market in Europe – Established Industrial Park  (Land, Buildings, Improvements with approvals in place to double or triple capacity) available via Private Off-Market Sale [exclusive to our company]…

A Hungarian Limited Company, established as an Industrial Park Owner and Industrial Park Management Company, established by the same Austrian Principal who has the Tax Credits available, who owns and operates an Industrial Park close to the Budapest International Airport.

The Industrial Park incorporates a total of 70,000m²+ land area and is situated directly alongside the junction of M0/Highway 4 (500 m). Using Highway 4 you can get to Budapest Airport in a couple of minutes (2km), and downtown Budapest is also a mere 15-minute trip. The whole park is composed of halls with integrated offices and social areas totalling an area of 12.000m², 1.140m² offices, and 8.000m² of parking areas. The entire premises are protected by a fence with infra-red barriers, additionally video surveillance and 24/7 security services (always 2 guards/shift) contribute to maximum security. The security staff takes care of reception services, open 24 hours a day, including scheduled inspections of the entire area, all halls and offices.
The industrial park is fitted with a modern infrastructure system with adequate capacity for all sorts of manufacturing activities.
Sewage system: fully overhauled in 2011
Water system: overhauled in 2005 – public connection as well as own water supply
Electrical system: overhauled in 2013 – own transformer with a maximum of 1600 kW capacity (currently utilized capacity is 30%)
Gas system: adequate capacity (currently utilized capacity 30%)
Fire-fighting system: fully overhauled in 2011, 800m³ fire-extinguishing tower with 6 connections for fire trucks, a comprehensive fire-hydrant system, all halls are equipped with water connections for firefighting.
Thanks to custom (tailored made) solutions for the Park’s Tenants and competitive rents, the Park was able to achieve 90-100% occupancy for the past few years. A significant key to their success is being not only open to developing solutions to satisfy individual customer needs, but also financing related investments.
The current construction density is at 18%, whereas the maximum attainable density is set at 45%. Taking into consideration related road access, loading and parking areas, development of a further 20.000m² of storage facilities/offices is possible. Development and Planning Approval for the Phase II development project has been obtained from the relevant authorities.
The rental income yield has been consistently around the 8%-9% range.
The existinging owners are retiring and want to sell, however, will provide management coverage for 1-3 years if the incoming investor does not have their own Hungarian Team in place.
The asking price is EUR 20,000,000.

#3 – German Team with Patent-pending, Groundbreaking, Market-Beating Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Trading System About to Launch a Public Token Sale, [side deal on better terms only available through our company]…

This opportunity comes from a German incorporated FinTech company which has developed patent-pending AI / ML trading systems that have been outperforming global markets since 2016. The company was founded in 2012 and has come a long way since. The Founders, themselves having successfully entered and exited several high profile Tech and FinTech investments have recruited an all-star team of traders, quants, developers and mathematicians and invested over US$ 11,000,000 to build a set of self-learning, continuously improving trading systems utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning that will change the way how funds and investors trade. Patent applications have been filed on the technology. The suite of programmes is the future of asset management, the next big thing in an $80 trillion industry, 4.5x the size of the US GDP.
The company has raised  USD 51,000,000 of a total USD 120,000,000 Security Token Offering (STO).
Phase 1: For Professional investors only.
Period: July 15, 2019 – September 30, 2019
Normally $1.00 per tokenized participation right but investors coming through our company will be given a better deal.
€100,000 min. investment for investors in Germany
$50,000 min. investment for accredited investors in the USA
$50,000 min. investment for investors in Switzerland
Investors from other markets welcomed. Minimum investment based on prevailing security regulations.

North America

#1 – Established US Multi Media Company providing an all-in-one solution for discerning brands in Media and Entertainment – needs an extremely low risk bridge loan by next week of US$ 7,500,000 for 90 days, via an Off-Market Private Placement or Note [better than Private Equity returns and terms for the Lender/Investor can only be secured via our group]…

From Fortune 100’s to disruptive Startups, this company provides blue chip services to banner clients across the globe. With operations ranging from Augmented Reality and Immersive Entertainment to Studio Film Co-financing, Music and Event Production, their key differentiator is their Proprietary Transmedia Eco-system.

The core focus of all that they do is to create experiential content that moves the customer

They invest in operating companies within 5 core verticals


Film & TV

Facilities & Venues

Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Technology & IP

They are willing to incentive an investor to take a quick decision, by paying interest of US$ 1,500,000 at end of the 90-day term upon the return of the principal. The company ownership, management and board includes former heads at Sony Music, BMG music and a key person that worked with Steve Jobs to create IPod, etc. Only premium companies and people with top pedigrees are currently participating.
Anyone interested in reviewing Investor Material will first need to sign an NDA. Please email me using the form below and ensure you leave your full name, address and email address and I will forward a draft NDA for your review.
This opportunity is time sensitive and will close whenever the funds have been raised, which will be within the next 7-14 days.

#2 – This is one of the best tax advantaged programs available in the USA in decades and it will change the way people invest in real estate…

Have you recently sold stock, property, business, art or any other real assets for a profit?
Do you have unrealized capital gains?
Would you like to diversify your investment portfolio into real estate?
Are you not selling an asset strictly due to the tax consequences associated with a sale?
Do you have to do a 1031 exchange?
Do you want to make a difference in your local communities?
Do you want a way to reduce your capital gains tax substantially?
Do you want to discover a way to pay no future capital gains tax on investments?
Are you ready to have your own tax dollars continue to work on your behalf til 2026?

The Fund we represent is a unique chance for investors to receive significant tax savings while investing in real estate located in Charleston, SC and other sections of the Low Country, that the Fund Manager has identified as
exhibiting strong growth potential. It is a chance to make a difference in the communities we live, work and play in and at the same time, utilize the tax code to create generational wealth. It is also a chance for our investors to further diversify out of traditional investments such as stocks and bonds and into real estate, while also earning the additional return boost due to the tax savings of the Opportunity Zones program

Latin America

We would welcome deal flow.

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